Our research sessions normally take place every Monday (excluding Bank Holidays) in the Maritime Archives and Library at the Merseyside Maritime Museum commencing at 10.30am.

Our monthly talks are open to members (and invited guests by arrangement) and cover a balanced programme of topics within an overall maritime theme.

Talks are held at The Athenaeum, 18 Church Alley, Liverpool L1 3DD, usually on the third Thursday of each month from September through to May at 12.30pm, with coffee available from midday.  The calendar of events is as follows:

MV Cap San Diego – The White Swan of the South Atlantic – Tony Melling
Feb 20 @ 12:30

This talk will recount the career of the MV Cap San Diego as a cargo-passenger liner between Europe and the South Atlantic from 1962 to 1986. The essential focus will be on the ship’s design and facilities but her current status as a fully functioning museum ship in the port of Hamburg will also be explored.

Dancy’s Leap – The Story of the Flying Enterprise’s sinking in January 1952 – Keith Hick
Mar 19 @ 12:30

En-route from Germany to the USA, the Flying Enterprise’s dramatic plight and the bravery of her Master Captain Carlsen and the First Mate of the rescue tug Turmoil, Kenneth Dancy, gripped the British nation which was unaware of the top-secret cargo the vessel was carrying

Gibbs Bright and the SS Great Britain in Liverpool – Richard Martin
Apr 16 @ 12:30

The SS Great Britain was conceived and born in Bristol but lived her life operating out of Liverpool for thirty years. This talk is about her owners’ Liverpool business and their liner service to Australia

Inshore Minesweepers of the 1950s – David White
May 21 @ 12:30

After WW2, with an increasing threat from the USSR, the UK implemented a major increase in the RN’s ability to deal with the threat of mine-laying in home waters. The inshore threat was countered by building 243 Inshore Minesweepers that proved so useful that their roles developed well beyond that envisaged with some serving the nation for over four decades’