Improved Searching

We have made a small but significant change to the ‘Search’ module to help track down the information you are looking for.

Regular visitors will know that to search the Archives, you enter the word(s) you want to find and click on the ‘search’ button.  This will return a list of documents containing any of your search terms.  The list can be quite long and you still need to open each document to find what you are looking for.

Now, however, you can refine your search by excluding specific words, using the term ‘NOT’ in upper case.  For example searching for “Olympic Titanic” will return an extensive list of documents that mention either ship, while “Olympic NOT Titanic” will return a much shorter list that mention the Olympic but do not mention the Titanic.

You then select a document from the list by clicking on it, and once it has opened, you can search inside it by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ (Windows) or ‘Cmd’ and ‘F’ (Mac) and re-entering your search term in the dialog box that opens in your browser.