Williamson Art Gallery

Members might be interested in this exhibition at the Williamson Art Gallery, Birkenhead.

Six Vessels looks at the story of shipbuilding in Wirral through six ships that shed light on pivotal moments in maritime history.

Six Vessels: The ships and their stories

HMS Birkenhead (1847) The ship which is thought to have originated the phrase “women and children first”
Ma Robert (1858) The flat-pack iron ship that took explorer Livingstone on his travels
CSS Alabama (1862) The secrecy behind this ship and its role in the American Civil War
HMT Leasowe Castle (1917) The role the Cammell Laird workforce played during military conflicts
HMS Ark Royal (1937) The pioneering design of this aircraft carrier
RMS Mauretania (1938) The ship which redefined luxury travel

The exhibition runs from 11th May until 22nd September and is free.

For more information, please visit the Williamson Art Gallery website.