L.N.R.S. Bulletin - Index of Published Articles

An Index of all the main articles published in the Society’s publications between May 1938 and March 2014 is available on a labelled CD. It is set out in clear table form under the headings: title, author, date of publication, and the publication in which the article appeared.

If a ship is the subject of an article its name appears as the article’s title; if a ship otherwise features in an article it is noted under its name as a cross-reference.

The cost of the CD is £2. With receipts going to Society funds.

To illustrate the wide range of subjects published in the Bulletin, those from recent years are listed below:-  

Volume 60, No. 4, March, 2017

Obituary, Mr. A.S. Davidson                                                The Editor 

Remember those days....                                                         The Editor

Twilight of an Individual Trade                                          John Goble

Obituary, Mr. J.E. Cowden                                                     The Editor

m.v. Llangibby Castle                                                  Glyn L. Evans

Construction of the QE2                                                          The Editor

General Average, and CMA Djakarta                           Gordon Line

Fantome II                                                                                The Editor

Rescue of XSV Birdham                                            W.G. Williamson

Passenger steamer Warrimoo                                             The Editor

The Establishment v Pirate Radio Ships                         David White

Sea Dogs of Today                                                                  Alan Villiers

John Henry Cox                                                             Mariner's Mirror

The Rumney and the Frigorifique                             H.M. Hignett

Volume 60, No. 3, December, 2016

The River Dee (1937)                                               Mariner's Mariner

Remember those days....                                                         The Editor

Mr Kemp and Marconi's Yacht                                  W.G. Williamson

They Also Serve                                                                 Glyn. L. Evans

The Victorian Titanic                                                               Gill Hoffs

Christmas at Sea                                                                 Elfyn Hughes

Early Steamship Collisions                                                H.M. Hignett

Cunard Remembered                                                  Patricia B. Horne

Sea Breezes Index                                                                       The Editor

Fresh Paint Job for T.S. Queen Mary                      M.N.A. Circular

Kelly's Directory (Liverpool), 1894                                     The Editor

Menelaus                                                                              H.M. Hignett

Volume 60, No. 2, September, 2016

Society Annual Report                                                    The Chairman

Society Accounts to April, 2016                                   The Treasurer

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting                     The Secretary

The Laziest Person                                                          M.N.A. Circular

Remember those days.....                                                       The Editor

Trawler Tragedy                                                          W.G. Williamson

Baltic Post, 1960s                                                                 H.M. Hignett

Reader's Letters

Mauretania and Aquitania                              'Engineering' 1904

An Island in the Sun                                           Blue Star - 'Gangway'

Campania - 65 years without loss of life             'Lloyds List' 1904

The Loss of H.M.S. Conway                                              Ron. Grisdale

Royal Tour 1953/54                                                    W.G. Williamson

Volume 60, No. 1, June, 2016

Society Schedule of Talks, 2016-2017                                 I. Duckett

Thoughts on Loss of the Pacific                                       H.M. Hignett

Remember those days.......                                                     The Editor

Amco Voyager's Last Cruise                                Captain C. Jackson

Francis Metallic Lifeboat Company                                      W.A. Ogle

The Steam Yacht Rovenska                                     W.G. Williamson

Helicopter Evacuation at Sea                                    Captain D. Kemp

Scale of Provisions                                            Merchant Shipping Act

Use of Lifesaving Apparatus                                                   W.A. Ogle

Lost 19th Century Whaling Fleet Found                            W.A. Ogle

That Long Ago!                                                                     H.M. Hignett

Maid of the Loch                                                                      W.A. Ogle

The Architecture of India Buildings                              Irene Murphy

The One From Nowhere                                          Captain W.S. Byles

Volume 59, No. 4, March, 2016

Trans-Atlantic Mail                                                          Graham Booth

Remember those days                                                              The Editor

Dazzle Painted Ships                                                          Glyn L. Evans

WH Resolution to the Rescue                                 Captain S. Roscoe

H.M.S. Pickle                                                                  M.N.A. Circular

The Story of the Ali Baba                                           Captain D. Watt

H.M.S. Caroline                                                                Glyn L. Evans

A Stern Warning                              Shipbuilding & Shipping Record

Captain Patchett and the Belisama                                John Stokoe

Memnon and H.M.S. Belfast                                     Dave Molyneux

P.S. Menai and other Steam Yachts                         Charles Dawson

Volume 59, No. 3, December, 2015

A Message from the Chairman                                 W.G. Williamson

The Captain of Wireless                                                     David Barlow

Remember those days...................                                     The Editor

The Time I Helped Crash Dolius                                              G. Beech

The Confederate Cruiser Shen   andoah-Part 2       Gordon Bodey

Highlights of my Career                                         Captain P. Murphy

Book Review

Mauretania on the Mersey                                           Glyn L. Evans

Samuel Cunard Before Fame                                           Gordon Bodey

The Early History of Steam Navigation                     G.W. Buckwell

Lifeboats                                                                       Professor E.S. Long

Volume 59, Number 2, September, 2015

Society Annual Report                                                                 R. Settle

Society Accounts                                                                             V. Finn

Minutes of Annual General Meeting                                     I. Duckett

S.S. Savannah                                                                          W.A. Ogle

Remember those days...................                                     The Editor

Confederate Cruiser Shenandoah - Part 1                          G. Bodey

B.P. Shipping Celebrates 100 years                          M.N.A. Circular

Cunard's Three 'Queens' on the Mersey                               W.A. Ogle

Light Dues                                                                             H.M. Hignettt

Book Review                                                                               R. Ratcliffe

Marchon's Little Ships                                               Professor B. Cotton

Life in the Ramsey Steamship Company      Captain T.H. Corteen

Submarine Signalling Tests                                                  Lloyd's List

Volume 59, Number 1, June, 2015

Society Presentation Schedule   2015 - 2016                    I. Duckett

Remember those days...................                                     The Editor

Book Review                                                                                The Editor

The Liverpool Landing Stage                                            J.W. Thomas

A Most Unusual Submarine                                                       D. White

William Scoresby                                                          Canon Bob Evans

Two and a half Centuries of Mersey Pilotage                          G. Topp

New Suez Canal may Speed Invasion                       M.N.A. Circular

Report on Voyage 83                                               Captain J.C. Harris

Famous Lifeboat Returns                                              M.N.A. Circular

Volume 58, No. 4, March, 2015

Society Relocates for Talks Programme                               I. Duckett Liverpool Seaman's Orphan Institute                                  L.Gidman

Remember those days...................                                     The Editor

The History of Steam Navigation                                       J. Kennedy

The Red Dragon on Merseyside                                         Dr. D Jenkins

A Voyage in the Ulysses - Part 3                                          A. Melling

Sailing into Conflict                                                                S.W. Swain

M.V. Clifford J. Rogers                                                             G. Bodey

Predicting the Ocean Tide                                            P.L. Woodworth

A Unique Series of Disasters                                                    W.A. Ogle

Book Review                                                                                 A. Melling

The River Dee and Shipping                                             H.M. Hignett

To Calcutta in the 1950s                                                      J. Pottinger

Vintage P & I Insurance                                                           G. Holmes

Volume 58, No., December, 2014

A Voyage Not Completed                                                                 J. Bell

Remember those days....                                                         The Editor

A Voyage in the Ulysses - Part 2                                          A. Melling

Cruising Experiences in the Antarctic                                The Editor

The Ship That Would Not Float                                        M.R. Bouquet

The Battle of Palau Aur                                                           D.C. White

An Early Steamship Collision                                           H.M. Hignett

The Dry Docks at Ellesmere Port                                        J.A. Huxley

Side Lights on the Slave Trade                                            G.E. Cooper

Abandoning Ship                                          Medical Research Council

Correspondence                                                                          The Editor

Heraclides - Wrecked at Crosby                                M.K. Stammers

A Dutch Conversion                                                                Sea Breezes

Volume 58, No. 2, September, 2014

Chairman's Annual Report                                                        R. Settle

Statement of Accounts to April 2014                        B. Groombridge

Minutes of Annual General Meeting                                    J.P. Stokoe

Remember those days........                                                    W.A. Ogle

The Four-masted Full Rigged Ship Liverpool                     D. White

Hext Rogers Collection, Merseyside Maritime Museum   I. Duckett

Book Review

A Fateful Telegram                                                      W.G. Williamson

Society Presentations Schedule, 2014-2015                      I. Duckett

A Voyage in the Ulysses - Part 1                                          A. Melling

The Denny Ship Model Experimental Tank                          D. White

The Occult                                                                            N.S. Swindells

Passenger Numbers on Atlantic Liners (1905)           H.M. Hignett

Volume 58, No. 1, June, 2014

The Family Company Wins                                                   J.G. Payne

Book Review                                                                                 A. Melling

Remember Those Days...                                                         W.A. Ogle

The Loss of the S.S. Canadian                                         H.M. Hignett

Marine Radio Museum Faces Closure                 Nautilus Telegraph

Anchor Handling and Towage in the North Sea              The Editor

The Port of Liverpool                                                                The Editor

The New Life Fleet                                                                 A.J. Barratt

19th Century Shipping Communications                            G. Bodey

The Longest Day                                                         Captain G. Cubbin

Shipbuilding and Trading 2013                                    MNA Circular

An Old Man of the Sea                                                         H.M. Hignett

Volume 57 No. 4, March, 2014

A Tribute to Caledon Shipbuilders                          Captain S. Roscoe

Book Review                                                                                 A. Melling

Remember Those Days...                                                         W.A. Ogle

The Great Venture of our Lives-Part 2                                A. Melling

Clearing up a Headache                                                     H.M. Hignett

The Last Voyage of the Cambrian Hills                    J. Richardson

The Stad Ship Tunnel                                                    M.N.A. Circular

Admiralty Merchant Shipping Instructions        W.G. Williamson

Container Shipping: a secretive industry                       Rose George

When a Freak Wave met the QE2                Captain R.W. Warwick

The Larrinaga Mail Steamer Leon                                  D.K.C. Eccles

Leeds-Liverpool Canal (1790)                                          H.M. Hignett

Volume 57 No. 3, December, 2013

Maid of the Loch                                                                    Bill Ogle     Remember Those Days...                                                        Bill Ogle

The Great Venture of our Lives                                       Tony Melling

The Liverpool Underwriter's Registry                             David Eccles

New Zealand Lamb                                                 Blue Star 'Gangway'

Book Review                                                                                The Editor

The Archaeology of ss Mediator                                D. Knepper et al

Wireless Operators of World War I                         Willie Williamson

Rowena                                                                           John Richardson

Ship Crosses Northwest Passage                                            The Editor

The Monowai in Wartime                                                  Brian Smith

Volume 57 No.2, September, 2013

A Change of Watch                                                                 John Stokoe

Remember Those Days...                                                             Bill Ogle

The Upper Mersey Navigation Commission     Anthony J. Barratt

The Shipping Federation                                                      John Stokoe

Liverpool Merchant Shipping Conference                         The Editor

Book Review                                                                                The Editor

In Search of a Ship                                                          Charles Dawson

Looking to the Future of Crew Welfare              Mission to Seafarers

Liverpool Underwriter's Ship-Register Books                 David Eccles

Henry Hornby, Boatbuilders of Wallasey                  Harry Hignett

Shipwreck 1893                                                                     David Eccles

A brief History of the Magazine Sea Breezes              Harry Hignett

Special Edition marking the 75th Anniversary of Liverpool Nautical Research Society, June, 2013

Volume 57 No. 1, June, 2013

From the Chairman                                                             David White

Origins of the Society                                                               The Editor

Remember Those Days...                                                             Bill Ogle

The Skerries Lighthouse                                   Christopher Nicholson

Mutiny and Murder on the Veronica                         Gordon Bodey

The Story of the Douglas (1858)                                     Dick Clague

Shipbuilding on the Mersey (1938)                               David Eccles

Book Review                                                                                The Editor

Malta Convoy Part 2                                                             Alan Knight

To Serve the World on a Summer Evening                   Barrie Youde

Volume 56, No. 4, March, 2013

The Tragedy of the Londonderry                                Geoff. Holmes 

Remember those days...                                                             Bill Ogle  Bowaters’ Deep-Sea Ships, Part 3                                        Roy Fenton

Book Review                                                                                The Editor

Where were the German Carriers?                                  David White

The Forgotten Squadron                                                        S.W. Swain A  Cut Through a Continent                                Dr. Robert Atkinson

Shenanigans in Liverpool Docks                                   Harry Hignett

The Malta Convoy ‘Operation Pedestal’                          Alan Knight

The Marco Polo                                                       Captain E.A. Woods

Landfall                                                                                         Bill Ogle

Keeping containers safe                                                    MNA Circular

Volume 56, No. 3, December, 2012

Terrible Collision in the Mersey                                                Bill Ogle

Battle of the Atlantic                                                                The Editor

Remember those days....                                                             Bill Ogle

Outward Bound                                                           Dr. Angela Taylor

Mersey Developments                                                      Harry Hignett

A Baltic Resurrection                                                                   Bill Ogle

Bowaters' Deep-Sea Ships Part 2                                          Roy Fenton

A Crew of just...                                                                            Bill Ogle

Bureau Veritas                                                                                  M.N.A.

Life as a Harrison Line Engineer Officer            Norman Swindells  Book Review                                                                                The Editor

A Voyage to Punta Arenas                            Captain Stephen Roscoe

The Last Privateer                                        N. Hacking and W. Lamb

Long Life of Port Line Sisters                                                      Bill Ogle

Maiden Voyage of the Container Ship                         Harry Hignett

Volume 56, No. 2, September, 2012

A Seaman and his Sleep                                        Captain W A Sparks

Tsunami Escape                                                                 MARS 200516

Remember those days...                                                              Bill Ogle

Bowaters' Deep-Sea Ships                                                       Roy Fenton

For Whom the Bell Tolls                                                               Bill Ogle

A Coincidental B.I. Experience                                   James Pottinger

Ocean Group & Confrontation with Indonesia          Dr. Nick White

Attempting to Solve an RMS Lusitania Mystery James Scannell

A Hell Ship for a Disastrous African Project           W G Williamson

The George Anson & Francis Drake      Captain Stephen Roscoe

Let Battle Commence                                                          Glyn L Evans

Volume 56, No. 1, June, 2012

Hilary and the Monster                                                       David Peate

A Ship's Graveyard                                                                      R H King

Remember those days...                                                              Bill Ogle

Operation Postmaster                                                          David White

ss Berengaria                                                                               Bill Ogle

Piracy                                                                                   Harry Hignett

Society Visit                                                                                The Editor

John Grantham                                                               Charles Dawson

Behind the Scenes                                                                   John Stokoe

Cruise Liners at Liverpool                                                       The Editor

Resurgam – Part 2                                                             Dr. Eric Long

The Loss of HMS Thetis                                                     Derek Arnold

M53/ HMS Minerva                                                              Port of Sligo

Volume 55, No. 4, March, 2012

An Austrian Steamboat Pioneer                                 Charles Dawson

Remember those days...                                                              Bill Ogle

Ferries of British Columbia                                                  Dick Clague

End of the Line                                                                               Bill Ogle

The Fullagar Engine                              David Eccles & Gordon Bodey

Titanic on the Mersey                                                        G. McRobert

Resurgam – Part 1                                                            Dr. Eric Long

Wireless Operator Balfour                                        Willie Williamson

The Marine Propellor                                           Dr. Graham Patience

An Unusual Trawler Loss                  Lloyd's Weekly Casualty Report

 Volume 55, No. 3, December, 2011

Captain Pape and the Maitland                                    Gordon Bodey

Engine Room Noise                                                        James Pottinger

Remember those days...                                                              Bill Ogle

S.S. Etrib                                                                                     John Cook

Henry Bell's Comet    Part 2                                            Gordon Bodey

The Marine Society                                                                   The Editor

Mr Roper's Diary                                                           W. G. Williamson

Maryport Maritime Museum                                                 The Editor

The Kitchen Rudder                                                       Charles Dawson

The Stewart Bale Archive                                                  Anne Gleave

Liverpool Sailors' Home Gates                                               The Editor

Volume 55, No 2, September, 2011

A seaman and his Food                                          Captain W A Sparks

Anchor Memorial

Remember those days...                                                              Bill Ogle

William Wilson of the Emily St Pierre              Willie Williamson

Book Review

Bell's Comet   Part 1                                                          Gordon Bodey

Arson Suspected in Ferry Fires                                                 Bill Ogle

L.N.R.S. Programme for 2011 - 2012

Call The Watch                                                               James Pottinger

Was That Really Fifty Years Ago                                       John Stokoe

Moss Steamship Company                                       Regulations Part 3

Life on the Old Bangers                                           Captain R M Burns

Great Hurricane of 1889                                                            Bill Ogle

Ship Manager                                                                                    R C Lee

Volume 55. No. 1, June, 2011

Stranded in the Bitter Lakes                                                   R W Short

Remember those days...                                                              Bill Ogle

Book Review

Society Visit                                                                                    Bill Ogle

Highlights from the Archives                                           Dawn Littler

The Queen Mary-a guided tour                                     Glyn L Evans

The Monday Facility                                                              John Moore

A Voyage Too Many?                                                        Alex Hampton

Preserving a  Great Maritime Epoch                  Colonel Vere Cotton

The Swedish Connection                                                             Bill Ogle

Moss Steamship Company                                       Regulations Part 2

A Voyage in the Angerona                                  Michael Brocklebank

Experiments with Carrier Pigeons                             MMSA Reporter

Volume 54, No. 4, March, 2011

Memories of Rats Noxas                                                   William Bone

An Ignominious End                                        Captain A. C. Sprigings

Remember Those Days....                                                           Bill Ogle

Proposed Super Liners                                                        Gordon Bodey

Society Visit                                                                                   Bill Ogle

Lelia                                                                                     Chris. Michael

Lookout Versus Lights                                The Journal of Navigation

Book Review

The Idea of a Maritime Museum            Dr. C. Northcote Parkinson

Moss Steamship Company                                       Regulations Part 1

Nahlin                                                                                             Bill Ogle

Twenty Years On                                                                W. K. Wishart

A Race to the Wire                                                                             Anon

Volume 54, No. 3, December, 2010

Flags of Convenience.                                                      Tommy Molloy

Sharp and Waid, Shipowners.                                               John Kelly

The Buoyage Tender Relume.                       Captain Nigel Stewart

Tenure of Office of Chairman and Vice Chairman       John Stokoe

Trade between the Mersey, Dee and Clwyd Estuaries in 1891.

                                                                                                       Ken Davies

The Wartime Tragedy of the Cap Arcona.            Charles Dawson

Art at Karlskrona Museum.                                         Anders Akesson

The SS Ixion and a Fire at Sea.

                                                             Willie Williamson and Ian Morris

The South American Meat Trade.                        Captain H.F. Pettit

The Mona's Queen of 1934                                       Adrian Sweeney

Mersey Maritime News.                                                           The Editor

Volume 54, No. 2, September, 2010

Mersey Maritime News                                                            The Editor

A Trade in Tobacco                                                           Peter T Walker

The Figurehead Jenny Lind                                                John Stokoe

Brocklebanks                                                                   W. Stewart Rees

The Transatlantic Post Office                                        Graham Booth

U Boat Visit                                                                                     Bill Ogle

Fawsett, Preston & Company                                 Malcolm McRonald

The Radio Room at Perch Rock                                 W.G. Williamson

Calcutta                                                                        James A Pottinger

Crystal Symphony                                                                   The Editor














Volume 54, No. 1, June, 2010

Mersey Maritime News                                                           The Editor

Hoops and Staves                                                                 J. E. Cowden

Shipbuilding on the Dee                                                   Tony Barratt

The Maritime Art of Kenneth D. Shoesmith           Glynn L. Evans

T.S.M.V. Port Pirie                                                        James Pottinger

Quo Vadis Liverpool?                                                Arthur C. Wardle

American Coastal Rescue Craft - a book review           Eric S. Long

Early Steamship Types                                           Nigel W. Kennedy

Fighting Civilians - a book review                                   John Stokoe

The League of Welldoers                                                     Lesley Black

L.N.R.S. Annual Award

The Development of Fuel Saving Techniques                 Paul Moore

Hermes of Liverpool                                                             David White

The Finest in the Kingdom - Liverpool Carters        Sharon Brown


Volume 53, No. 4, March, 2010

Mersey Maritime News                                                           The Editor

 The Ellan Vannin Remembered                                   Dick Clague

Britannic, Liverpoo's Jewel in the Crown  

                                                                                  Norman S. Swindells

 Lifeboats                                                                                Audrey Farr

 Train Ferries                                                                       Geoff Holmes

 The Loss of the Steamer Orion                                     Gordon Bodey

 The King Orry of 1913 (Part Two)                                   The Editor

 Iron Steamers of the River Shannon                      Charles Dawson

 Traveller                                                     From Lloyds List July 1897


Volume 53, No.3, December, 2009


 Mersey Maritime News                                                          The Editor

 The Voyages of John Williams 1842-69                Rosalind Person

The King Orry of 1913  (Part One)                                   The Editor

Jack Binns - The first wireless hero.     

                                                      David Barlow and W. G. Williamson

The state of the Mersey 1870 - 20

Frigate Sachsen                                                                      The Editor

Frigate Lubeck                                                                        The Editor

Sea Post Offices           

Raising the S.S. Lady Lansdowne                          James Scannell

Twenty Seven Days in an Open Boat        Captain James Richard

1990 Atlantic Rate Wars and Emigration               Harry Hignett

“Fossets"                                                                            Charles Dawson

Volume 53, No. 2, September, 2009

The Merchant Navy Chartered by the Nation   


The Scarweather Lightship and Magnetic Mines

The loss of the Athenia on 3rd September, 1939

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Co. and the Second World War

The Tynwald at Dunkirk                                              Geoffrey Kinley The war service of the Queen Elizabeth

Port at War - the Liverpool Pilotage Service

Fog at the Bar                                                          Nicholas Monsarrat

Vol 53, No 1, June, 2009

The Empress of Australia of 1920

Trooping on the Empress of Australia          Captain John C Moffat

Captain Charles Carries Molasses                                 John Fletcher

ss Marklyn – A Brief History and Her Wartime Salvage                                                                                                                  Gordon Bodey

L.N.R.S. Award – Synopsis of winning submission

                                                      Mark Grimshaw

The British & American Steam Navigation Company

                                                      Frank C Bowen

The Name Game                                                                             J B Hill

Tom – The Kroo Boy                                                        Harry Hignett

Vol 52, No 4, March, 2009

The Elder Dempster Liner ‘Aba’ of 1920                   John Shepherd

Winter Solstice

Ships, Barges and the Environment                       Allan McCleland

An Atlantic Steerage Passage in 1907          Lt Col Frank Bustard

Book Review – All Hands and the Cook                     John Shepherd

Thos. & Jas Harrison – Down Under                         Graeme Cubbin

Shipbuilding Returns for 1949

                             Shipbuilding & Shipping Record

Mersey Dock Developments in 1903                          Harry Hignett

Alfred Holt’s Blue Funnel Priam Class                 James A Pottinger

The Collins Liner Adriatic of 1856                              Frank C Bowen

Poole to Barbados – The Hard Way                                         Bill Rose

Parametric Rolling in Head Seas                              Charles Dawson

Vol 52, No 3, December, 2008

Christmas Encounter                                                         J H Schofield

The Salvage of the Mary P. Cooper                      Percy Dunbavand

Monster Waves                                                               Charles Dawson

The Belfast Steamship Company –

Ulster Monarch of 1929                                         Malcolm McRonald

Elder Dempster’s Accra of 1947                                 Fred Thompson

Herschel and Charity Corrections                                    Roy Fenton

Sam Cunard Before Fame                                               Gordon Bodey

Mersey Ferry Miscellany                                              John Shepherd

Vol 52, No 2, September, 2008

The Theft of the Ferret                                                  John Kennedy

H.M.S. Conway – the End of an Era

Mersey Ferries – the Irish Connection               Malcolm McRonald

The Woodside and Bermuda

Pilgrims                                                                                    Ian Jackson

The Cunard Liner Ascania of 1925                            John Shepherd

H.M. Armed Merchant Cruiser Ascania                       Guy Stafford

Reflections from the New Chairman                                      Bill Ogle

Farewell to the Mersey                                                    John Fletcher

Canon Bob Evans M.B.E.                                                John Shepherd

T.S.M.V. Port Pirie                                                    James A Pottinger


Vol 52, No 1, June, 2008

Proposed Circular Ferry for the Mersey                      Gordon Bodey

The Yavari on Lake Titicaca                                           G.Dangerfield

The Wreck of the Mexico                             Commander G.I. Mayes

From Finisterre to FitzRoy                                          Charles Dawson

PSNC Liner Reina del Pacifico of 1931                        John Shepherd

Three Weeks to Colombo in 1945                                  Peter Clowes

The Kylsant Crash                                                            Tony Barratt

Life Aboard Two Latter-Day Chester Coasters

Part 2: the Normanby Hall                                                  Ken Davies

The Empire Orwell / Gunung Djati                                  Martin Young

Book Review - 'Great Mersey Liners'

Vol 51, No 3, March, 2008

Attention All Shipping                                                  John Shepherd

The Overland Route                                                       John Shepherd

Cruising the Med for 15 Guineas                                          A H Joyce

Voyage to the West Coast on the Deido                           J E Cowden

Life Aboard Two Latter Day Chester River Coasters,

Part 1 – the Hawarden Bridge                                              Ken Davies

A Stern Warning

Icelandic Interlude                                                               Ron Hunter

Liverpool Pilots’ Working Routines 1897                 Harry Hignett

The L.N.R.S. Award 2007

Special Edition marking the 70th Anniversary of Liverpool Nautical Research Society, December, 2007

Portrait of a Liverpool Shipowner- A review of the life

of Frederick James Harrison                                                     G Cubbin

A Great Union- The joint winner of the 2004

LNRS Award                                                                              R Williams

Stuart & Douglas- A story of a Liverpool Company

in the palm oil trade                                                                  DKC Eccles

The Port of Ulverston- A study of the port and

particularly its shipbuilding                                                      C Dawson

100 Years of Marine Insurance in Liverpool- An outline of Liverpool's role in marine insurance                                     AJ Barratt

The Wireless Colleges of Liverpool- The story of Liverpool's wireless colleges since the earliest days                    WG Williamson

Characters I have Sailed with- Reminiscences of some

of the characters who were encountered in a

career at sea                                                                              J Pottinger Massey’s Patent Electric Log- The progress towards developing a reliable method of recording distance travelled at sea

                                                                                                           G Bodey The Introduction of Steam Engine Powered Ships-

The story of early marine propulsion                                 N Swindells Western Prince- The loss of the SS Western Prince and the consequences thereof                                                            T & S Felton

Notes on Contributors

The Liverpool Nautical Research Society Society Projects

The Liverpool Nautical Research Society - Award Scheme

The Society at work


Vol 51, No 2, September, 2007

The Empress of Britain of 1956                             John Shepherd

The Day the Manchester Ship Canal Ran Dry      Graeme Cubbin The Wallasey Ferries of 1907

Book Review ‘Lighthouses of Liverpool Bay’

Small Ships – Deep Water, 1950 – 1960              Alan McClelland

The Greek Line and Liverpool                              Malcolm McRonald

The Bond of the Sea                                                               Leslie Leigh

Memories of the Jervis Bay (Part 2)                        Adrian Thorpe

Introduction of Heavy Oil in Diesels                   James A Pottinger

The Last Voyage of the Queen Mary                       John Shepherd

Vol 51, No 1, June, 2007

Marconi’s ‘Spans’                                                                David White

Morse in the Air                                                     William Williamson

The Booth Liner Hildebrand of 1911                      John Shepherd

The Capture of the Elsinore                                        P. Dunbavand

Obitury – Captain John Temple

Memories of the Edmund Gardner                       Alun Pari Huws

The Lusitania takes the Blue Riband

Master of the Perseus                                                     John Fletcher

Memories of the Jervis Bay                                        Adrian Thorpe

Letter to the Master of the QE2                          Sir Ivan Thompson

The St Tudno joins the United States Navy                 Roy Fenton

Vol 50, No 4, March, 2007

Big Ships in the Mersey                                                      Peter Clowes

The Cunard Liner Sylvania of 1957                       John Shepherd

The Dragon and the Liver Bird:

Chinese Seamen in World War II                                  Charles Foley

The Geordie Tramp                                                    William C Reeves

Memories of the Tuscania

Two Dinghies for the Calchas                                      John Fletcher

The Windsor Castle Remembered                                  Peter Elson

Captain R Minto and Charles Lightoller                          J E Cowden

Liverpool and the Atlantic Passenger Trade                    H Hignett

Vol 50, No 3, December, 2006

Christmas on a Cape Horner                     Captain Fred Klebingat

The Delivery Voyage of the Alabama         Captain M. J. Butcher

The Foundering of mv Derbyshire                          Charles Dawson

Saving the ‘Planet’                                                                Peter Elson

Blue Funnel : The Fleet, 1865 – 1914                     Prof. F E. Hyde

The Container Revolution                                   James A Pottinger

A Drink Problem on the Royal Iris                            John Shepherd

From Cunard Liner to Seaplane Carrier :

The Campania of 1892

Vol 50, No 2, September, 2006

The Tactician and Hurricane ‘Hattie’Capt.         Graeme Cubbin

The Ortega and the Difficulties she Surmounted

                                                                                               T E Edwardes

A Mild Case of Tankeritis                                   Captain Brian Scott

South Africa, Suez and Sphinxes                                   Ron Hunter

Donald McKay(1810-1880) Shipbuilder                         F C Bowen

Memorable Days on the Java – New York Run       James Barron

The L.N.R.S. Award – Winning Entry 2005      Charles Jocelyn

More About the Suez Canal/ The Empire Windrush Fire

The Case for Barging                                                 Alan McClelland

The Royal Voyage on the Empress of Scotland

Vol 50, No 1, June, 2006

The Andrea Doria/ Stockholm Collision                   John Shepherd

White Star Relics: the Nomadic and the Oceanic’s Bell

George’s Landing Stage, Liverpool                                   T B Maund

The Suez Crisis of 1956

The Empire Windrush – an Icon of England            John Shepherd

The Pioneer Inman Liner City of Glasgow             Frank C Bowen

The Manxman – Past, Present and Future                         Bill Ogle

McTay Marine                                                           Antony J Barratt

The National Line : A Liverpool Promoted Enterprise of 1863

Readers Letters / Book Reviews

Vol 49, No 4, March, 2006

The Loss of the Primrose Hill                                            David Eccles

Captain Jack Goes Shopping                                        John Fletcher

The Bibby Liner Cheshire of 1927

Saga of a Mersey Pilot Cutter                              Capt. J P Thomson

Marconi Marine, 1900 – 1950

Memory Calls                                                                     Fred G Shaw

Wireless Memories of the Mauritania                            Bill Haynes

Robert Napier – A Clyde Shipbuilder, 1815 – 1900

Don’t Miss the Tide, Mister                                       Capt Brian Scott

The Atlantic Drift Card Experiment                     Arthur Jennion

Memories of MacBraynes from the 1960’s           Gordon Hossack

My First and Last Brocklebank Ships                James A Pottinger

The Unlucky Sisters Dakota and Montana         Dennis Branigan

Vol 49, No 3, December, 2005

Christmas Memories                                                      John D Rogers

Ice Cold in Leningrad                  Martin Mitchell/ Capt. F. Weller

The Chicken Rock Lighthouse                     Christopher Nicholson

Obitury – Olive Williamson

The Problem of the Mersey Bar                                 John Shepherd

A Year with the Carinthia (Part at Lakes  2)       John Shepherd

Self Unloading Vessels of the Great Lakes                   H M Hignett

Clarke’s Automatic Bunkering Barges                        David Eccles

Book Reviews/ Readers’ Letters

A Voyage to South America                             Captain Brian Scott

Christmas Dinner on the Floristan, 1956 style

                                                                                             Tony Sedman

Vol 49, No 2, September, 2005

The L.N.R.S. Programme of Meetings, 2005  -  2006

Elder Dempster and the St Lawrence River Trade

                                                                                                   J E Cowden

The L.N.R.S. Award 2004: Precis of Joint Winning Entry:‘The

Role of the Merchant Navy and Liverpool in the Battle of the

Atlantic, circa 1939–1945                                          Lynn Jackson

A Year with the Carinthia (Part 1) – Winter North Atlantic                                                                                              John Shepherd

The Early History of Water-Jet Propulsion         Charles Dawson

The White Star Liner Celtic 1901

Harrison Lines Inkosi of 1937

Readers’ Letter, Notes and Queries, Book Review

The Loss of the Ben-my-Chree (3) at Castellorizo in 1917

Vol 49, No 1, June, 2005

Forgotten Ships of Liverpool, the Empress of Scotland

                                                                                           John Shepherd

Western Ocean Interlude                                  Captain Brian Scott

De Lesseps’ Bubble that Never Burst – The Suez Canal

                                                                                                   J E Hughes

Aground at New Brighton                                  David Handscombe

The Navy League and the Lancashire Sea Training Home for Boys at Wallasey (Part 4)                                             Gordon Bodey

A Year in the Life of Northwestern Shiprepairers

                                                                                            Linton Roberts

Salt and Coal, Steam and Iron                                         Roy Fenton

Obitury    Sir Geoffrey Volelin Bates MC Bt

                                                                                     Capt B S McManus

Company Loyalty                                                  James A Pottinger

The Liverpool Nautical Research Society Annual Award

Last Voyage of the Aquitania

Sailing Day                                                                       John Fletcher

 Vol 46, No 3, December, 2002

Two Tragic Bohemians                                                   Gordon Bodey

The Saga of the Flying Enterprise                              John Shepherd

What Ship ? - Hardship !                                            James E Morris

Notes and Queries

Change of Course for Merseyside Maritime Museum?

Reports on Meetings:

          'Donkey Boiler Jets through 163 Feet of Ship'

           A Small Ship to Portugal'

The Cunard Alps and Andes of 1852

Spot the Differences ... ?    Classic Ships of the IOMSPCo

                                                                                                    Ron Evans

Ro-Ro Services, Water Transport and Opportunities

                                                                                        Alan McClelland

Vol 45, No 4, March, 2002

The Battle of Hood and Bismarck : part 1 HMS Hood

Captain Robert Pape and the Barque Maitland       Gordon Bodey

A Troubled Voyage on the ss Manipur              James A Pottinger

Devonshire Built for Mersey Owners                  Derek Blackhurst

Bibby Line - Ships and More Ships                     Christina Spencer

The Liverpool Pilotage Service in 1966                     Keith Taylor

Readers' Letters

Music to My Ears                                                                Francis Kitts

Supplementary Issue, January, 2002

Power Pioneers on the North Atlantic                    John Shepherd

Liverpool to New York, First Class, in 1902

A History of the Hales Trophy                                      David Marsh

 The 'Queens' at War

A Purser's Clerk on the Queen Elizabeth in 1963

                                                                                           John Shepherd

The First and Last Voyages of the Queen Mary

The Alsatian / Empress of France of 1914

Storm Warning : Shipping Slow to React

Vol. 45, Number 2, September 2001

Voyage with Brocklebanks to India on the ss Maihar in 1957                                                                                       James A. Pottinger

Quadrantal Confusion                                               Graeme Cubbin

Hirundo's Salvage of the Skibladner                           Gordon Bodey

The King Orry (3) at the Internment of the German High Seas' Fleet, November, 1918                                       David Handscombe

The Nestor and Ulysses of 1912

Big Boat in the Bay (part 2)                                                Ron Evans

Wartime Turn-Round of Ships                                      H.M.Hignett

Readers' Letters

Last Link with White Star - the Britannic of 1930

Volume 44, Number 4, March 2001

A Rather Thin White Line - Brocklebanks and the Second World War                                                                            John Stokoe

Liverpool and the Confederacy                              Alan McClelland

Forgotten Liners of Liverpool - The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company's Ben-my-Chree (3) of 1908                              Ron Evans

The Fall and Rise of the Locksley Hall                        Gordon Bodey

The Baltic Lighthouses. A Voyage from Kiel to St.Petersburg on the ss Philately                                                    Captain R. Flamman

Readers' Letters

The Story of Two Corvettes                                                Ron Evans

Vol 40, No 2, Autumn, 1996

The Loss of the Independence Hall                                  Gresser et al

Gellatly, Hankey & Sewall                                              David Eccles

Preston Container Trades part 3                                 Peter Kenyon

Talk by Sir Trevor Jones: report                                        P J Tebay Merseyside Memorial to Seafarers